Coachella Music Festival & Intel Light Up Drones

During the 2017 Coachella Music Festival, a crowd of around 100,000 people got to witness something truly special! Those who attend this venue got to watch 300 synchronized Shooting Star drones do something amazing.

Ferris Wheel Drones

These dancing drones formed the shape of an electric ferris wheel and wowed the crowd of concert goers! Then the drones gracefully took the shape of a rotating windmill and palm trees along with various other amazing looking shapes. Concert-goers took to social media expressing their delight and the performance has now gone viral on the internet. There dozens of YouTube videos that concert goers posted online.


During the entire night, these amazing drones took to the sky and enhanced the event. Combined with amazing musical acts, the drones which were sponsored by HP really made the night special. The drones were powered by smart processors which allowed for such a magical show.

Intels New Tricks

Intel played a big part in the show and coordinated the music. The drones made an appearance before the band Radiohead hit the stage and then again before Lady Gaga came out to perform.


This isn’t the first time these drones have made an appearance. In 2015 they made their first appearance in Germany where they racked up two titles in the Guinness Book of World Record. Also, the drones appeared during the Super Bowl halftime show that featured Lady Gaga.


These 300 drones really made this year’s event something to remember and hopefully, there will be a repeat of their performance next year. They really did an amazing job at the event and everyone seemed to love them just as much as they loved the musical acts, there were even people who ended up purchasing indoor quadcopters and flying them around inside the tents later through the festival.


Surely the drones will be used at other events and you too just might get a chance to see them in person. If you do then you are in for a real treat.