Lighting Equipment For Modern Music Performances

Modern musical technology has enriched music performances and sets certain standards for audio and visual experience audience expects nowadays. This refers to rock and roll gigs, DJ performances and all other music styles. Setting audio right and playing great music simply isn’t enough anymore, the performance has to include impressive visual aspect. Thus, there’s a wide range of options for stage lighting you may use to add up to the multimedia experience. Roughly speaking, all the lighting at the stage will fall into one of two major groups. Either it is used as wash light for background or as spotlights that focus onto performers.

Par Cans as default lighting

This type of stage lighting is the most common among musicians at various gigs. It provides a wide wash of neutral light in the backdrop that brightens up the stage and set the default level of lighting at the stage. These lights are fixed in position, and their intensity is controllable.

Spotlights – mobile and focused

Opposite to par cans, spotlights are the type of stage lighting that is mobile, designed to follow performers and highlight certain parts of the stage. This way it ensures that audience is focused on a scene or a performer that requires attention at a given moment and it controlled the interaction between the people at the stage and everyone in the audience.

Add some colors

A special type of color and wash lights are used to add single-colored or multi-colored visual flair to the stage. These are frequently used at the concerts, especially when there is no other aspect of the show other than god music being played.

Visual drama

Quite a popular trend in music technology, especially among DJs and various electronic music bands is to use strobes, lasers and a wide range of light effects during the performance. These are used to increase dynamic and dramatic aspect of performance, to provide vivid atmosphere and exquisite experience to the audience.

Controllers and software for stage lighting

You may try to meet criteria and high expectations of modern music performances by simply providing attractive stage lighting, but the true professionals synchronize lighting with the performance wrapping it all into one meaningful artistic experience. Various interfaces, controllers, and software are designed to enable proper timing and adjustment of lighting to the music at the stage, and most of these applications may be used on your tablet or laptop as well.