The Evolution Of Music And Technology Relationship

Musical technology has changed so dramatically and fundamentally over the last few decades that it has influenced everyone included in the chain between a birth of a musical idea and the mere recording and performing in front of an audience. This particularly refers to the production process and the mighty trinity: musician – engineer – producer. Not a single phase of creating music pieces is the same nowadays as it used to be during the “old school” days. The roles, relations, possibilities and finally – expectations have changed significantly and here are just some of the major differences between now and then.

Divide it into phases

Before the musical technology has become so influential, powerful and available to pretty much everyone, musicians were looking for one solid and affordable studio to record their material all at once. Nowadays the task became more complex and dynamic. Most musicians opt for completing a certain share of the process at a certain, optimal place. You will track drums in one room, mix the material in the other and a lot can be done at home.

Troubling roles of producers and engineers

Getting the attention of a producer, especially a good and influential one, used to be a great challenge to many musicians. This has changed a lot since there is too much of the musical technology nowadays that replaces the role of the producer. Pretty much the same goes for the engineer, especially with all of these information and tutorials widely available online, which results in too many musicians getting (the impression of) knowledge and skills of the music engineer. Sometimes it is just musicians being too vain and taking these two roles for granted but is certainly prevents engineer and particularly producers from playing stars without solid ground and taking big money for it.

Bands, songwriters and the mere quality of music

We won’t discuss the modern music styles and where they stand compared to the ‘’old school” music because it would take forever and there would always be that generational gap floating as an argument. However, so aspects of making music have changed for musicians regardless of the music style they play. Most modern musicians rely much more on various electronic devices, music technology and gadgets that replace the raw skills, talent, and original ideas.

Too much of the music nowadays is generated by musical technology instead of being a pure product of the human creative process. At the same time, the raw material can be modified in such manner that it changes the original performance completely. Many musicians rely on this, as the excellent method of covering flaws and mistakes, but some are almost insulted by the rough interventions over their genuine piece of art.