Most Famous Musical Instruments And Equipment Brands

The impressive development of musical technology, instruments, and equipment has enriched the whole musical world and made the process of creating music more complex, intriguing and fun. However, many would say that integration of powerful technology into the music has replaced the powerful capacity of true talents, skills, and genuine ideas. Too many modern musicians rely on superpowers of mighty modern musical instruments and accessories. Some see this as a chance to increase diversity and explore creativity, while others see it as a lazy technological compensation for lack of true talent, knowledge, and skills. Either way, weather you’re heading for music superstars or keeping it as a hobby, a good and quality equipment is always welcome. Here are some of the most famous, reputed and trusted musical instruments and equipment brands you should turn to when investing in your musical technology.

The famous F

Every kid out there making baby steps with guitar playing has heard of Fender guitars. Fender is internationally famous American musical brand standing as a trademark for quality and tradition in the musical industry. Fender is focused on manufacturing string instruments, mostly guitars and amplifiers, but their assortment goes far beyond that.

Over a century of quality and tradition

At the end of 19th century, Yamaha started as a reed organs manufacturer in Japan. Nowadays, it is world’s most famous and the largest provider of a full line of musical instruments and an impressively rich assortment of other musical equipment. Yamaha has its affiliates worldwide, and whether you’re looking for a piano or set of strings, you can rely on the quality of their products.

Roland Corporation

Another reputed manufacturer of musical equipment settled in Japan with branches scattered worldwide. Roland Corporation is particularly famous for its products for electronic music, software for music production and a wide range of musical instruments and other gear.

Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc.

This family-owned small business has been expanding its field of work for decades. It is primarily settled in California, but available in many countries. Fun fact is that most musicians first get in touch with Dunlop musical accessory products and gadgets, but Dunlop is in fact quite a solid manufacturer of musical instruments and other stage equipment.

The mighty Gibson guitars

Any article and list reviewing famous brands of musical instruments have to include Gibson Guitar Corporation. This company is settled in Tennessee, it has a century-long history of manufacturing musical equipment, but they are certainly most famous for their impressive collection of acoustic and electric guitars and other string instruments.