Essential Equipment for DJs

If you ask about the equipment you need to get into DJing, the only fully precise answer would say: You need quality music selection and sequencing. Everything else is optional, and it varies. The truth is that you can do quite solid DJing even with just a laptop, rich library filled with music and perhaps a free software designed for DJing, such as Virtual DJ. On the other hand, music technology has become impressively advanced, especially regarding electronic music and DJing equipment. If you want to, you can load your backpack with exquisite musical gadgets and electronic devices that will come with the toys while DJing. It all depends on your primary wishes, intentions, skills and finally – your budget. Laptop and a DJ controller will suffice an average house party, but if you are heading for bigger challenges, you’ll probably need turntables and CDJs.

The options are many and here is just some basic equipment setting you’ll need at the mere beginning.

Software for DJing

Although loading new songs and creating a rich collection of various music styles is rather easy nowadays, most DJs invest in some audio interface that will send converted audio signals to the mixer. When it comes to picking adequate audio interface, two inputs and outputs is quite enough for DJing. Applications such as PreSonus FireStudio enable you to convert the digital signal into audio and connect your laptop to the sound system.

With or without a controller?

Now, the truth is that the final aim is to start a great party and make a great atmosphere and if you manage that, no one will question the way you did it. Some basic DJing functions, like crossfading, can be performed with a simple keyboard, but it all gets easier if you can have more control over mixing. Basic DJing packages include USB controller, but you may always opt for more powerful devices, including portable units or all-in-one decks. These musical devices provide a wide range of effects, loops, music triggers, faders, knobs and other mixing options and functions.

Setup for pros

If you are planning to master DJing and learn comprehensive levels of mixing music, you will need two turntables, headphones, mixer and a practicing of tactile feeling on the vinyl. The most popular turntable is Technics SL-1200, but new generations of various other models are just as powerful and give you enough room to express creativity.